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Morning Dew Face Elixir
$ 28.00

Morning Dew Face Elixir

Hydrate your wakeful skin with a splash of plant beauty! The first ritual your skin will enjoy each morning is this plant-infused beautifying mist to awaken with dewy softness your lovely follicles for preparing skin for a deeper, thorough cleanse and moisturizing experience. You can actually deliciously taste this hydrosol through your pores as it graces facial skin with its lush, plant-infused vibrance.

Handcrafted with plant hydrosols that are 100% pure botanical extracts, certified organic, and steam-distilled from the whole fruit. Cucumber distillate is the fresh, cool, and crisp star of the show. Tulsi (Holy Basil), a warm, soothing quality that balances and helps to tone skin. Fresh plant infusions of organic spearmint, lemon blossoms, and leaves from hibiscus and lavender provide phytonutrients that feed skin, helping to improve elasticity and vigor. 

T H E   R I T U A L

After cleansing face, mist Morning Dew while closing eyes, over face and neck areas. Following your mist, apply a beauty dew balm or your favorite DBTS face serum over face and neck. Allow to soak in, as you inhale and exhale, waking up your skin to a beautiful day! Morning Dew is also an effective activator for your masques or cleansing grains, and can be misted into your palm with a dime-sized DBTS liquid cleanser, before applying your cleanse ritual. xoxo

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S

Cucumber Hydrosol*, Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol*, Tulsi Hydrosol*, Extracts of Lavender Leaves*, Lemon Blossoms*, Parsley*, and Spearmint*, and Essential Oils of Blue Tansy*, and a Locally Wildcrafted piece of Emerald Green Seaglass. (*certified organic)

2 fl oz in a glass bottle with mister