$ 6.50

Handmade Soap

Natural, handmade soap is a true luxury. Handmade in my studio the old-fashioned, cold-processed method, produces a bar that is high in lather, creamy, and rich with moisture all while leaving your body beautifully cleansed. 

My own unique recipe is perfected with saponified oils of Coconut oil for creamy lather, Olive Oil for silky softness, Shea Butter for rich moisture, and Cocoa Butter for its natural hardness and skin-loving qualities. Herbs and Clays are used for color and texture, while Essential Oils adore each bar with aromatherapeutic properties. These are beneficial cleansers for all skin types, and will not strip skin of moisture, yet help to balance and beautify even the most stubborn skin types. 

Seasonal selections available in limited edition, 4-oz bars currently include:

Patchouli Sunrise (patchouli and sweet orange essential oils with turmeric and a touch of cinnamon)

Charcoal Rose (essential oils of patchouli and geranium, with activated charcoal and rose clay)

Lavender Hibiscus (essential oil of lavender, alkanet root, and finely ground hibiscus flowers)

Basil Cedarwood (essential oils of basil, cedarwood, sage, a touch of patchouli, with swirls of activated charcoal, spirulina, chlorella, and passionflower.)

Lemongrass Tea Tree (essential oils of lemongrass, lemon, and tea tree with calendula flowers)

4 oz net wt, packaged in a glassine bag