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Berries, Petals, & Roots Facial Masque
Berries, Petals, & Roots Facial Masque
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Berries, Petals, & Roots Facial Masque


An anti-inflammatory, calming facial masque utilizing the magic of roots, petals, and berries from nutritive herbs and purifying clays to provide a vitamin-rich, anti-aging, and re-texturizing experience. Excellent all skin types. Use weekly for healthy skin maintenance, or as a daily spot treatment for blackheads and breakouts.

T H E  P L A N T  L O V E

M A C A ~ A superfood that speeds wound healing, improves circulation, and contains natural vitamin C and zinc to help enhance overall Immunity.
H I B I S C U S ~ Firms, hydrates, and revives skin with high amounts of Vitamin C and anti-aging alphahydroxy acids, naturally exfoliating the skin.
S E A  B U C K T H O R N  B E R R Y ~ High amounts of antioxidants to prevent free radicals, a powerhouse of nutrients to reverse signs of aging.
R O S E  P E T A L S ~ High in Vitamin C, purifying and preserving the skin and uplifting the spirit. Helps to heal broken blood vessels that can cause lingering redness.
E L D E R B E R R Y ~ Locally collected native elderberries are used in this masque for their strong anti-inflammatory components to boost skin immune health.
H E L I C H R Y S U M ~ This flower holds a strong ability to inhibit inflammatory enzymes and free radical scavenging activity, high in anti-oxidant properties.
T U R M E R I C ~ One of the most powerful plant anti-inflammatory tools, this healing skin-loving root works to reduce redness and inflammation, fight skin infections, and promote wound healing.
L A V E N D E R ~ A natural antiseptic and antibacterial, helps to normalize unbalanced skin and regulate sebum production, reducing stress in both skin and spirit.
C O M F R E Y  ~ Skin-softening comfrey root helps to alleviate skin irritations, and soothe wounds, providing faster healing times for damaged skin.
C A L E N D U L A ~ Promotes fast healing and regeneration of skin, helping to heal damaged skin areas providing deep hydration and restorative properties.

T H E  R I T U A L

Moisten face and hands with water or Compass Rose Facial Toner. With a masque brush or fingers, gently mix equal parts of masque and liquid (water, honey, toner, pureed fruit....get creative!) in bowl or palm of hand. Add a few drops of your favorite Drifting by the Sea Facial Serum for an added anti-aging boost. Apply onto damp facial area and neck until evenly distributed with fingertips or a masque brush. Relax for 10-15 minutes while masque soaks into skin and begins to dry. For exfoliation, let masque set until dry on skin (about 15 minutes) and remove by dampening skin with water or face toner, then gently scrubbing away with washcloth or shower. (For sensitive skin, remove masque before fully dry in same manner).  Follow with your favorite Drifting by the Sea face elixir and moisturizer.

T H E  I N G R E D I E N T S

Rhassoul Clay, Comfrey Root*, Hibiscus Petals*, Sea Buckthorn Berry*, Rose Petals*, Elderberries*, Beautyberries*, Maca Root*, Red Raspberry Leaves*, Helichrysum Flowers*, Passionflower*, Marshmallow Root*, Turmeric Root*, Lavender Buds*,  and Calendula Petals*, Essential Oils of Lavender*, Rose Geranium*, Valerian*, and Manuka*.  (*certified organic, organic, or wildcrafted)

1 oz net wt in a glass bottle