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Leaves & Roots Antioxidant Masque
$ 28.00

Leaves & Roots Antioxidant Masque

Roots and leaves are filled with the life force of plants. They can be grounding, strengthening, and healing for the mind and skin. When specific plant parts are combined into a masque, they help to purify and boost skin with antioxidant properties to ward off allergies and skin ailments. 

C A R E   M E T H O D

Moisten face and hands with water, face honey, or your favorite DBTS face elixir. With a masque brush or fingers, gently mix equal parts of masque and liquid in bowl or palm of hand. Add a few drops of your favorite Drifting by the Sea Facial Serum for an added skin softening boost. Apply onto damp facial area and neck until evenly distributed with fingertips or a masque brush. Relax for about 10 minutes while masque soaks into skin, and moisten skin if needed before masque completely dries to keep it activated. To remove, moisten skin with splashes of warm water, and wiping away with a washcloth, or step into a warm shower to softly steam away the treatment. 

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S

Rhassoul Clay, Dandelion Leaves*, Rosemary Leaves*, Burdock Root*, Red Clover Blossoms*, Turmeric Root*, Comfrey Root*, Plantain Leaves*, Patchouli Leaves*, Licorice Root*, Marshmallow Root*, Nettle Leaves*, Echinacea Root*, Dandelion Root*, Lemon Verbena*, Lemon Balm Leaves*. (*organic)

2 oz net wt in a glass recycled Spanish bottle with cork.


.2 oz net wt sampler size (enough for 1-2 treatments)