Petal Dew Beauty Balm
$ 23.00

Petal Dew Beauty Balm

A buttery soft, yet lovingly absorbing skin treatment balm blessed with nutrient-rich plant oils. Rose Hips, Red Raspberry, Coconut, and Pomegranate Seed enrich this handcrafted formula with fresh, delicate, locally-sourced flower-petal infusions of hibiscus, rosehips, and plumeria to create radiant, dewy, and blissfully soft skin. Beauty balms are a perfect way to give your skin the gift of self care, since they glaze over skin so easily. Restore happy skin texture with plant-powered botanicals. Taking the time to apply Petal Dew encourages the release of creative flow, which in turn helps to ease stress and anxiety.

C O L L E E N ' S    T I P S

I love to apply this balm, taking the time to massage over my face and neck. Then I take a warm facial towel, and place the entire towel over my face for a few seconds, patting it around in different areas using medium pressure. This works as a moisturizing cleansing treatment and it feels so good.
Instead of rinsing with water I use another washcloth (dry and clean) and remove any excess. Sometimes I leave on more, sometimes I remove more it just depends on what my skin is asking that day. All in all, this treatment is sure to bring joy to your self care techniques.

Gently grace a teaspoon or more of Petal Dew in your fingers and apply to face, massaging over skin in circular motions during application. Can be combined with Mermaid Petals Cleansing Grains for a moisturizing facial exfoliation. Add a few drops of your favorite Drifting by the Sea face serum for an added boost to your evening skincare ritual, or during the day for anti-aging benefits. Can be used after your face cleansing routine to softly remove eye makeup by adding a small scoop to a cotton pad or ball and lightly gracing surface of eyes. Follow with a clean cotton pad to completely remove makeup.

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, cold-pressed rose hips seed oil*, cold-pressed red raspberry seed oil*, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, cacao butter*, beeswax*, jojoba oil* infusion of: hibiscus*, rose buds*, red raspberry leaves*, and plumeria flowers*, essential oils of frankincense*, helichrysum*, and rose geranium* (*organic, wildcrafted, or certified organic).