Vanilla Honey Nectar Face Cleanser

August 16, 2017 Colleen Miller

Falling in Love with the Pre-Cleanse

August 09, 2017 Colleen Miller

Before your daily facial will fall in LOVE with the "PRE-CLEANSE" me!

Pre-treating the area you are cleansing helps to remove dead surface cells and stimulate skin to increase blood circulation before the actual cleanser is applied. Using a serum as a pre-cleanse tool, works to collect excess dirt or makeup so it is not carried deeper into the follicles during your...

Spa Treatment Tools

August 07, 2017 Colleen Miller

New treatment bowls are in stock! I love these little bowls for mixing and masque-ing. Bamboo Treatment Brushes are in stock as well. These are two essential tools for your at-home facial alchemy rituals. When seasons change so does your skin, so having a little treatment bowl where you can mix and match products to even out the changes is essential to any skincare collection.

Colors of Beauty

August 03, 2017 Colleen Miller

Ingredient love....the colors, the textures, the magic....extraordinary powers of each plant ingredient ....bright and colorful like a beachside rainbow that lights up a cloudy day.
Pictured clockwise starting at 10:00: matcha, calendula, coconut charcoal, wheatgrass, Morrocan clay, helichrysum, patchouli, kelp, sea clay, apricot kernel, bilberry, chamomile, lavender. Roses in the middle ️🥀

Summer Citrus Sponge Cleansing

July 28, 2017 Colleen Miller

We are in deep with summer heat here in Florida and one of the most refreshing ways to cleanse your face, hydrate, and clear up troubled skin is to use a Citrus Sponge. I am not sure if this is a "thing" as I was trying to come up with a name for this type of cleansing. Trust me it feels soooo good! If you have oily skin, you might want to try the lemon slice. For dry or mature skin, try an...